Material y color


  • jerseys are produced from modern fabrics made of high-quality polyester and mix structures - gleam/gleamless
  • all materials provide a quick off take of body humour and the follow up evaporation (supported by ventilation parts made of net material)
  • very solid core threads
  • comfortable designs according to the last fashion trends
  • all images are printed directly on material

COLORS - sublimation technology

All colors are true, full and technicolor in a wide range. Colors are fixed directly into material. The print area is stable and untangible for lifelong of jerseys.

Colors are selected from the pattern book of FERRAX, which can be received for free (approx. 140 colors). You can see all colors in reality on material. This assures the accuracy of the color according to your wishes - all colors from PANTONE, HKS or RAL can be attained.

If you request the exact shade of the colour, it is necessary to require the FERRAX card on the concrete material!